Be defiant — a plea to opinion leaders, business owners, executive, hard-workers and others who make things happen

Dear friends,

I don’t have to tell you anything about the events around the coronavirus. It is worrying. The media is telling us to stay secluded, stop working and what not.

I can’t say I agree with all of that. That’s beside the point. These events are affecting many, many lives.

I want to remind you that we need to keep the show on the road, be effective and set an example for others.

Of course, the health of you, your friends, employees is more important than business. No question, steps should be taken to ensure of it.

However, people fear they will lose their jobs, that their future is endangered. And the more people believe that, the worse off they will be. Fear doesn’t help!

You are strong. You can give people positive vibes.

So, let’s not let circumstances dictate what is going to happen with our lives, businesses and success.

We create our future.

This society doesn’t rest on the shoulders of government. It is honorable personalities who help others, educate others, motivate others, business owners who give the society jobs and hard-working people who get things done that keep the cogs working together.

People are looking to opinion leaders and business owners for inspiration and hope. That includes you.

So, let’s give them something to positively look up to.

While quite a few people are panicking and worrying about the consequences of the coronavirus, we cannot let that get to us.

Please despite everything, help improve this situation. Here are a few things that you can do:

  1. Don’t let fear get to you or anybody near to you. You can always do something to improve your life.
  2. Be positive, put attention on positive things. Spread GOOD news.
  3. Help others to stay or get healthy — educate on vitamins and supplements, which can improve immune systems.
  4. Help others who are going through rough patches.
  5. Just disagree that things are ALL bad, whatever happens keep on creating a better future.
  6. Don’t stop anything in business. Keep up with whatever production is possible. Nobody is more unhappy when he or she can’t work.

There will be a few hiccups in the next months. But remember, after each crisis a boom follows.

So, let’s disagree and make 2020 a successful year.

What is successful? Improving the conditions for yourself, your friends, family, colleagues and other people around you.