Dear Politicians

Thank you for taking precautions to save lives. We appreciate that you have taken measures to ensure our safety.

But now we want to decide ourselves. Now we want to live our lives again.

I am asking you to now help resolve our situation. The lockdowns must end!

Now it is not about health anymore.

It’s about our lives, our confidence and ability to create our own future and take care or one another. It is making people sick because their dreams are being shattered while they can’t do anything. 

It is about the fighting between friends and citizens who are otherwise peaceful and people who do not know what to believe and find themselves in uncomfortable positions unable to do anything.  It’s tearing friendships apart.

It’s about our economy which is dying. Each day this lockdown continues, the more severe the recessions will be. Right now, many people are afraid they will lose their business, jobs and their homes.

It is about avoiding riots. The longer this lockdown goes, the more likely protests and even riots will become.

We have at our hands incredible agitation building up. People are terrified, irritated and confused. They feel their basic rights have been taken away from them.

These are people who just want to live their lives – they want to work and take care of their family and friends and pursue their goals.

If a solution is not found soon, I fear we will have riots at our hands. And most definitely police control amongst citizens will ensue in an effort to contain the situation.

That would tear down the freedoms our forefathers have worked so hard to build.

You don’t want that; I don’t want that. Nobody wants that.

What’s the solution?

The lockdowns have to end now. Give people back their power of choice how they want to handle their health and lives.

We are aware that life is attached to real risks and dangers. You can look through history and you will not find a single era where there was no danger of some form attached to living a life.

Whether it was sickness, wars and bombs, cold winters, economic recessions, famine, plague, criminals, drunken drivers, con men, terrorists, drugs or even lesser dangers like mosquitoes carrying malaria.

Danger is part of life.

But being forced to watch with no ability to decide for oneself is not healthy and robs us of keeping our fate in our own hands.

We are not afraid of the virus. We respect that measure should be taken to protect people who are or can be affected by sickness.

I am sure you can come up with a solution for people who want to avoid the virus. They can stay at home getting full support from the government.

The rest of us just want to get on with our lives. Stop the lockdowns, we want to work. We want to get on with life.