Is the future beautiful?

Let me be blunt. Yes it can be!

The last two years were less than good to be honest.

And regardless of what one may believe is right or what should be done or not, I think we can all agree there is room for improvement.

I for my part know that the future is bright. I look at history and I see that after the fall comes the rise – pretty much every time.

And the last two years count as a major fall, fail and letdown.

So that is good enough a sign for me to look out ahead and see the better future.

A future where we go to cinemas again, where we greet our friends and strangers with open arms, where we visit people without concern, where we kiss and hug in public, where we fly the world without bureaucratic hassle.

Of course I am not folly enough to believe that faith and vibes are enough to swing the fortunes of the masses.

Or maybe it is. Just maybe the certainty that things are getting better is enough.

So my thoughts are directed towards the goodness of life and where you and I are happier, where we pursue their goals with success, where our friends and family enjoy the same.

And in the meantime, I do what I can to improve for lot for me and my environment by:

  • Making myself into a better person by studying and learning.
  • Making it easier for others to lead better lives.

I wish you the greatest of years for 2022!!!!

Yours, Steven Ruesch