Coronavirus Solution 1 – Hotels

I would also like to avoid a complete lockdown – a disaster for our society.

Quarantining people and stopping them from moving about freely is not an option I want to support. 

The emotion and financial repercussions of that is just too much. Plus, it doesn’t stop it from happening again in the near future.   

But we all agree, we NEED to think about the health of everybody out there.

According to the media, to whom the world is on the verge of collapsing due to Corona.           But whether this is true, is not the point.

It is a fact that we a Coronavirus situation out there that needs handling. It is a fact the people died.

BUT it also a fact that in Italy, where the corona has hit us the worst, 90% of the people who are dying are over 70 years old.

If we keep these people save from the virus, the chance of someone dying is like 0,0003%.

If you don’t believe me, google “Hinweis zu Covid-19 Swiss Propaganda Research”, they are doing a fantastic job, protocolling the outcomes of “Coronavirus”.

Most young people have mild or no symptoms. Once they have been infected, they heal within a few weeks and don’t pass on the illness to old people.

Therefore, the situation is really to save the people over 70s, while the virus passes.
Basically, our grandmothers and grandfathers. 😊

That is the good news!!!! And it’s not too difficult.

And this is where you play a major role! I am asking you for your help.


These few steps save our grandparents from the corona virus:

  1. Reopen all hotels – including yours
  2. Move all old people into hotels
  3. Give them all the luxury they deserve
  4. Make them feel important and valuable
  5. Let them have the time of their lives
  6. The government pays the bill

Of course, we have to make sure they are tested and not infected, before they are moved into your hotel. These kind of problems are much easier to solve than others – like saving the economy.