How businesses are teaching employees not to work and what you can do about it.

Yesterday I spoke to a potential client as part of helping them recruit people who want to work and we discussed the work culture of young people, he was bitching about their attitude.

The only problem is that this mindset is partially created by businesses themselves.

When you promote to potential employees and promise them all these good things they will get from you.

Well, they will all come to get the good things you offered them. The higher pay, the Bonuses, the car etc…. But not to work.

If you however tell them the work they will be doing, you get people who come to do that work because they are interested in doing that work.

Pay and rewards are part of work but not the reason to work. We spend most of our lives working so the work itself has to pay off.

Good employees look for jobs that they find attractive to do and they know they will get a decent pay.

So promote in your recruitment efforts what people will do and get people who want to do it.

Most people want to have work they are able to do well, which challenges them a bit, but not too much and where they get acknowledged for doing it.

In form of appreciation and a pay that lets them live a decent life.

I know this works as I do it all the time for clients